The Hobbit Smoothie

Hobbit Smoothie_600x450

This smoothie is a tribute to Kiwi movie director Peter Jackson and all the crew of the final Hobbit movie. Its called “The Hobbit” for two reasons: (1) it’s a Kiwi that makes it and (2) we blend the Kiwi’s whole, including their furry skin, so this smoothie definitely has hairy feet!  Drink this and you can easily take on five armies!

Did I mention its also delicious? :-)

(Note: if you use a good blender you won’t even taste the furry skin of the Kiwi – you will just get the benefit of those extra nutrients).

Ingredients 1 Person 2 People
Kiwifruit (including skin) 1 2
Banana (frozen) ½ 1
Avocado ¼ ½
Coconut milk 2 tbsp ¼ cup (=4 tbsp)
Cashews (raw, unsalted) 2 tbsp ¼ cup (=4 tbsp)
Water ¾ cup 1 ½ cups