Rules of the Challenge

FabFeb Approach to Healthy Eating
Why We Get Fat
The reason people in the western world get fat is because we eat too many “fast carbs” or “bad carbs”, meaning carbohydrate foods that digest rapidly and cause our blood sugar levels to rise significantly. For this reason they are defined as having a “high Glycemic Index”. High GI foods primarily consist of:

  • Sugary foods (desserts, biscuits, soda’s/soft drinks, beer, sugary cereals)
  • Refined flour based foods (white bread, pasta, pizza)
  • Starchy foods (potato)

However, sugar is easily the worst of these.

When our blood glucose (i.e. blood sugar) levels rise, our body responds by producing insulin. Insulin is the hormone our body uses to metabolize glucose and it signals our fat cells to start storing food calories as fat, rather than burning them in the muscles as energy. So remember this simple truth:

Fast carbs = high blood sugar = high insulin = store more fat

Some of us are genetically more prone to fat accumulation from these foods than others and that is why we get fat, while others can eat the same foods and stay relatively lean. The goods news is that if we reduce our intake of this small group of foods we can eat as much as we want (within reason of course). So no calorie counting or starving ourselves. Yes truly – if we are hungry we can eat more!

Challenge Rules

Main Menu
(1) FabFeb Challenge. The main challenge for all participants involves going sugar free for the month of February.  Everyone doing FabFeb must adhere to the sugar free rules as outlined below.

Downsize Me
(2) For those who want to really go hard out eating healthy and losing weight, you can also choose our Downsize Me option, which means going fast carb free as outlined below.

Upsize Me
(3) Finally, for those who care about their friends and pets, you can add an Upsize Me option. This could mean inviting friends and work colleagues to join you individually or as part of a team. Or it could mean registering your dog or cat for our healthy eating pet challenge (yes even our pets are getting sick from eating too much processed food these days!).

Sugar Free What You Can’t Have:

  • No foods containing more than 10% sugar, so check the label. If it has more than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams then its out.
  • No sugary drinks such as sodas/soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, ciders. Beer is low in sugar but high in non-nutritional carbs. Even though the sugar in fruit juices is naturally occurring rather than “added sugar”, the sugar levels are typically as high as in soda. (Go crazy and drink water instead!)
  • Check cereals, muesli bars, ketchup/tomato sauce, dried fruit and low fat yoghurt. They typically = 30 to 50% sugar. (For breakfast try oats, eggs & omelettes, or healthy smoothies. Choose full fat Greek yoghurt over low fat yoghurt)
  • No foods containing high fructose corn syrup which is a particularly nasty type of sugar for our bodies. We encourage you to Google the ingredients for any takeaways or packaged foods that you have doubts about.
  • When checking labels, look for any ingredient ending in “ose” as these are sugar by another name (glucose, sucrose, dextrose, fructose). Anything labelled “syrup” is also sugar.
  • No ice cream or other sugary desserts. Ice cream typically = 20% sugar
  • No pastries, muffins, biscuits or lollies. A muffin typically = 33% sugar
  • No honey, golden syrup or maple syrup
  • No adding sugar to your tea or coffee, or sprinkling it on your cereal

What You Can Have:

  • You can have wine, though try to limit yourself to only 1-2 glasses and have with a meal. (Even though wine is relatively low in sugar, the alcohol has other potentially negative impacts on the liver such as contributing to fatty liver syndrome).
  • You can have whole pieces of fruit, though limit yourself to a maximum of 2 or 3 pieces a day.
  • You can have diet drinks but choose ones with natural sweeteners like Stevia or Xylatol, rather than artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet.
Fast Carb Free What You Can’t Have:

  • No white bread, pasta, pizza, potato or French fries, or white rice
  • No pastry, muffins, biscuits (but you probably eliminated these under the sugar free challenge anyway)

What You Can Have:

  • Bread where you can see whole grains in the loaf in reasonable quantities
  • Brown rice and sweet potato
  • Wholemeal pasta but in moderation
Pet Challenge Our FabFeb partner RawEssentials will make available a healthy eating meal plan for your dog or cat if you register them for the Pet Challenge. However, this presumes your pet is not suffering from any serious health conditions as these need to be treated with specialist care and cannot be catered for within a fundraising event like this.
Disclaimer & Exclusions

You are advised not to undertake the FabFeb challenge(s) if:

  • You are suffering any serious pre-existing health or medical conditions
  • You are pregnant
  • You are suffering from diabetes
  • You are under the age of 18 and do not have the permission of your parent or guardian

If you choose to participate, you do so of your own free will and assume all associated risks.

If you have any health concerns at any time before or during the FabFeb challenge, you should immediately seek the advice of a registered medical practitioner. FabFeb is not a medical organization and none of the advice, recipes or meal plans provided are to be interpreted as offering medical advice nor be a substitute for the professional advice of your doctor or health care provider.

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