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Challenge Meal Plan & Recipes
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Breakfast options

(1) Eggs – Poached, Boiled or Scrambled
Scrambled 2-3 eggs with cream/butter/cheese
Serve with either smoked salmon, diced goats cheese, or bacon (we recommend preservative free bacon to avoid the nitrates)

(2) Omelette
Diced mushrooms, red pepper, onion (optional additions: diced ham or bacon). Heat in a frypan.
Whisk 2-3 eggs with a splash of milk or cream and add a pinch of salt/pepper. Mix through the diced veges, pour into frying pan and top with grated cheese. When cooked on the underside put the frying pan under a grill to finish.

(3) Oats
Combine 1/2 cup oats and 1 cup water then microwave for 2 minutes or heat in a pan until creamy. Serve with full fat milk and top with half a sliced banana and/or a handful of raisins or sultanas (preferably organic raisins)

(4) Toast – whole grain toast, spread with butter or nut butters (like almond butter) and top with your choice of avocado/ tomato/cheese/ red onion/ ham/ a squeeze of lemon juice / salt/ pepper.(5) Smoothie – healthy green smoothie or cacao smoothie. Find a few favourites that you really enjoy, and rotate them each day.

(6) Creamy spiced buckwheat porridge
See separate recipe guide.
Cook and top with full fat yoghurt and a sprinkle of nuts

(7) Homemade baked beans
See separate recipe guide.
Serve on whole grain toast, topped with grated cheese (optional)

(8) Coconut chia pudding
See separate recipe guide.

(9) Gluten free pancakes
See separate recipe guide.

(10) Gluten free muesli
See separate recipe guide.

Lunch options

See separate recipe guide for details on all these.

(1) Gluten free corn fritters with avocado salsa

(2) Zucchini and feta fritters with baked kumara and rocket salad

(3) Roasted vegetable salad

(4) Wraps with leftover slow cooked meat, salad

(5) Roasted beet and rocket salad

(6) Raw zucchini, green tomato and mozzarella salad

(7) Pearl barley tabouleh (with lamb/chicken /beef/duck)

(8) Thai fish cakes

(9) Tuna salad

(10) Chicken and avocado salad

(11) Millet risotto cakes with parmesan and peas

Dinner options

See separate recipe guide for details on all these.

(1) Mexican caesar salad with chipotle grilled chicken and smoked chilli caesar dressing

(2) Prawn and chorizo kebabs with smoked paprika mayonnaise

(3) Homemade burgers

(4) Slow cooked lamb/pork/beef with cauliflower mash

(5) Flash-fried steak with white bean mash and greens

(6) Salmon with watercress, sugar snap peas and avocado

(7) Thai style beef salad

(8) Chilli con carne with brown rice

(9) Spiced cauliflower “rice” w/ garlic ginger greens & soft fried onions

(10) Soy-baked salmon with zingy salsa


(1) Raw, unsalted nut mix
Mix your desired quantity of 1/3 brazil nuts, 1/3 cashews, 1/3 cup almonds. Add a handful of sunflower seeds, organic raisins and goji berries.

(2) Spinach and Feta Dip
See separate recipe guide.

(3) Smoothie
See our super smoothie book, or Google some of your own. (But avoid smoothies that are too heavy on the fruit and don’t have a good balance of spinach, fats, nuts or seeds to slow digestion.

(4) Apple with nut butter (such as almond butter)
Almond butter is made simply by blending (for about 1 minute) 2 cups raw almonds, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, pinch salt, ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon. Add more oil for smoother blend as desired.

(5) Vege sticks with hummus/guacamole
See separate recipe guide.

(6) Tuna and “no sugar” mayo with crackers
See separate recipe guide.


(1) Coconut chia pudding
See separate recipe guide.

(2) Buckwheat pancakes with vanilla and banana
See separate recipe guide.

(3) Dark chocolate and peanut butter cookies
See separate recipe guide.

(4) 90% cocoa Lindt supreme dark chocolate


(1) Speedy “no sugar” mayonnaise
See separate recipe guide.

(2) Sugar free sweet chilli sauce
See separate recipe guide.

(3) Avocado dressing
See separate recipe guide.

(4) Hummus
See separate recipe guide.

(5) Tomato Salsa
See separate recipe guide.

(6) Soaked chia seeds
Simply soak ¼ cup chia seeds with 1 cup of water or coconut milk and keep in fridge.

Good fats/Oils for cooking

(1) Ghee

(2) Coconut oil

(3) Butter

(4) Lard

(5) Olive Oil