How We Operate

What we are

FabFeb is a non-profit organization established to address two key systemic failures in our society:

  1. The disfunction in our food supply chain and its attendant nutritional messaging that is leading to a global epidemic of obesity and diabetes.
  2. The inability of government agencies to fund the necessary therapy and care for the less fortunate in our society

FabFeb is addressing issue (1) by promoting a social movement in support of healthy eating. FabFeb is addressing issue (2) by using the healthy eating challenge to raise funds for charities that provide disability services to children around the world.

We employ a revenue share model of 80:20 whereby our designated charity partners receive 80% of funds raised from the FabFeb challenge, and FabFeb retains 20% to cover its administration costs and to fund future growth. This is in line with international best practice.

How we are structured

FabFeb is structured along the same lines as other well known fundraising platforms (such as Australian based  FabFeb Limited is a New Zealand domiciled organization that owns all associated intellectual property and it has established a charitable trust called the FabFeb Foundation which is the “trading entity” for the FabFeb challenge and will process all donations. 

FabFeb Foundation is registered with the New Zealand government under the Charities Act 2005, holding charity registration number CC51482. You can search for us online here.

Over time FabFeb will establish charitable trusts in each country to handle donations directly and they will process payments on our behalf.

FabFeb is a New Zealand based organization and all transactions will be billed in either NZ$ if you are located in NZ, A$ in Australia, US$ in the United States, Euros in Europe, or Pounds in the UK.  Donations or payments made from any other countries will be billed in NZ$.

Address & Contact information

Physical Address: 55b Beresford St, Auckland, New Zealand, 0622


Telephone: +64 27 271 6572