Black Eyed Pea smoothie – hip hop and healthy!

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Black Eyed Pea Smoothie – Hip Hop and Healthy!

This smoothie was spun up on my kitchen turntable as a tribute to the masters of hip hop and I am confident Fergie and Will.I.Am would enjoy it as much as we do here at FabFeb! Its healthy, low sugar, and protein packed because of its two main ingredients – peas and chia seeds. If you are familiar with chia seeds you’ll know they look like little black eyes. What more can I say!

The protein per serving in this smoothie from the peas, seeds and nuts totals around 0.46 ounces or 13 grams, which is a bit more than you would get from 2 eggs.


Dave McGrath (resident FabFeb smoothie DJ)


Ingredients 1 Person 2 People
Peas (frozen) 1 cup 2 cups
Apple ½ 1
Parsley (chopped) ¼ cup ½ cup
Mint leaves (chopped) ½ tbs 1 tbs
Chia seeds 1 tbs 2 tbs
Cashews (raw, unsalted) 2 tbs ¼ cup (=4 tbs)
Water (cold) 1 cup 2 cups